Depends on your body weight, metabolism, etc. However, more than likely, yes.
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it;'ll probably kill me since I;m a lightweight

EDIT - wow I didn't realize they were so weak.
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Maybe if you follow it with 37 beers
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It wouldn't for me.

Also there's a drug thread =_=
I will stand by all this drinking if it helps me through these days,
It takes a long time just to get this all straight.
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% of alc? my guess is yes.

Edit: Lesbian %.?

6 percent and no im straight
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6 percent and no im straight

Drink it and see, how about that?
It will if your a pussy...

Just kidding man, It probably wont get you drunk, just buzzed. Unless you chug it... I would just chug it... And then get more.
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why not get some real booze?

hey man booze is booze,what exactly is"real"booze?
Why would you drink 40 oz of 6% liquor? That makes no sense.
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It depends, are you a lightweight?
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if you have to ask this question then you will probably puke when you're done with it
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FoolishFool, you sir, are a genius. A ****ing genius, I tell you.
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hey man booze is booze,what exactly is"real"booze?

moonshine baby
sim simma

who got the keys to my beema
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moonshine baby

"ya know, back where I'm from..."
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a colt '45 40 will get me tipsy, but I'm thin or whatever.
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nope. atleast it barely affects me tho. i dont know about you tho. it tickles my belly. although if you drink the whole thing in like 5 seconds you will get pretty tipsy.
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Instead of king cobra, you should get St. Ides, which is 8.2%, or Steel Reserve, which is 8.1%. About 1 and a half of them get me ****ed up.
Why someone would drink malt liquor that isn't Steel Reserve is beyond me. It's fine to taste terrible, but you need to at least look cool.
I used to chug two 40s and I'd get ****ed up. Then I'd have a third one just to stay there.