I just resently picked up my guitar from taking a year long break due to college and personal problems, and while it took me only a month to go from crap to better than I was playing last year I realized that while I can play song parts, riffs, some simple licks and meldoic bits/mini-solos, I have no clue what I'm doing musically. I have a decent musical background. I took piano lessons for a year, trumpet for two, and have had some prior theory instruction, but when it comes to the guitar I don't know much. I tried taking lessions from a friend, but he can be a stuck up douche when it comes to the guitar and isn't really helpful, nor is the one guitar teacher in town, all he does is teach songs/song bits and basic technique. I want to be able to learn a song, know what key its in, know the progression, know the chord names and shapes, and scales, etc. Basically I wanna know out of the two programs listed, which will help me become somewhat knowledgible in my playing and help me improve to an intermediate level? Metal Method or taking online lessons from Tom Hess?
Try neither, Hess i known for taking good players and polishing them to highly advanced stages and I'd say thet the metal mothod is only as good as the style you want to lear i.e the style of the teacher.

Try lessons from 'Nolly' on UG or Rob "Chappers" Chapman if he still offers them, in my experience they'll both serve you much better than the two sources you've mentioned.
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Tom Hess is a businessman. I remember when i saw his article on here, thought it was a scam. So i signed up to his thing with my email address. Never paid or anything literally just sent in my email. This was 6 months ago and i still get emails from his going 'Hey nice to hear from you again, i've got your personal study plan all set up' etc. It's all computer generated. Marketing scam to make T. Hess money. Bald cúnt.
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tom hess is a fraud?

No he's not a fraud, he definitely knows what he's talking about, but he's just too expensive IMO. And for beginners, he's kind of useless. He's the most beneficial to guitarists that have been playing for a few years and want to play guitar as a career. He's a big step in making the Kirk Hammetts of the world into Paul Gilberts.
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tom hess is a fraud?

No. He's a resourceful businessman. Check out his articles and his free resources. Your mindset will indefinatley change as you look at the guitar. Taking his lessons is definatley up to you. There are way better guitarists who can teach for a lower price. Ex. Greg Howe, Chris Broderick. But, I think he's the best teacher you can get around.
Tom is pretty much a guitar psychiatrist, he'll help you get it up.
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