I have been playing for about 2 1/2 years now and Id like to call myself intermediate, POSSIBLY advanced (i dont know, I hate calling my level because I feel dumb), I can do a few sweeps etc etc, Id say i play pretty fast, sometimes when I practice scale speed with a metronome up and down and Im able to sometimes reach 180 - 200 sixteenth notes (four notes per beat, I dont know.. i think its fast at least) and I do this to really workout my fingers and increase my speed. What my real problem I think is being able to just be able to solo improvise through a scale ACCURATELY... I know all my major scale positions and my harmonic minor scale positions across the neck, my problem is combining and remembering where to go from every single note (if that makes sense) It really seems just overwhelming to me. I really want to be able to solo shred through scales all day and not have to wonder where to go next and just KNOW where to go next if you know what I mean... How can I completely familiarize myself better with knowing where to go anywhere from my starting point, anywhere on the neck?
Start on Do (the root..I'm not sure if anyone else in hear learns the syllables). and just kinda come up with a melody or general direction in your head, know what kinda skips you wanna use, and just make **** up. As you go you'll recognize what works and what doesn't and how to expand on what does. I don't know much of anything about shred, but that's how I'm learning to improv/solo. Hope I could hep.
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learn all the different shapes so you can take it all over the neck and not just position 1 etc.
well no no see i said i DO know all the positions over the neck, its just hard for me to remember always where to go from wherever I am, I want to be able to do it more fluently.
Quit playing scales and begin reading the actual chord progressions.
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Quit playing scales and begin reading the actual chord progressions.

+1 - sounds like you know your scales pretty well, so no need to spend a lot of time running through them. You have to learn how to "use" them to create melodies and play over chords. Start playing over jam tracks to get a handle on using the scales over progressions.
think like a jazz player (modal).. move the focus point of the note your on to fit the chord thats playing under it..

i would say practice with some regular chill chord progression I IV V.. I V I vii7 I.. 12 bar blues. i purposely create tough wierd chord progressions just to funk with myself
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Learn licks, get inspiration, practice intervals and phrasing...
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Look at what chords you have ,then follow the progressions ,use arpeggios ,not just fast sweeps but notes from the chords that way a note will never sound out of place ,hit the lead and dominat tones ( 1st and 5fth note from scale) over the chords or inbetween licks to make them sound good. Mix up your scales too dont jsut play in one spot ,move it around the neck ,play the relative minor of your scale (e.g. A minor for C major) and throw in small licks youve planned for the scales here and there ,add a few techniques like a few sweeps ,speed picking runs ,tapping or string skips and when in doubt use a bit of the blues scale. Its all about knowing what kind of solo you want to play already in your head