This is the first mix I've ever done. I did it all using the basic stuff that Garageband has. I did look up some frequency charts to find out what to notch and what to boost. I'm still getting the hang of the compressor (im not sure what some of the things on it do.) The drums were done in EZ Drummer so I dont have too much control over how they sound. I'm not using monitors, everything was mixed with headphones and my computer's speakers.

The lead still sounds too "live"to me? I don't know if that makes sense? I know it's played sloppily and probably a bit out of tune. Also, I feel like there's too much bass in the rhythm guitars.

Any other things I could do to make it better? Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Anyways, to check it out go to my profile and listen to the 3rd track titled "Sample".


EDIT: Actually it's the 1st track. UG flipped the track listing on me.
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I thought it sounded way to tiny, it might of been compressed too much. All I could really make out was the lead guitar, and it sounded thin and tiny. You might want to take the compresser off and add more bass and tremble(low and high) frequencies. If your cheap like me then I would download a copy of Reaper(which is free, just ignore the 30 day thing, it will still work afterwards) Its so much easier to mix it in Reaper because it plays it while you EQ it.

But thats just my reccomendation.
The Reaper for Mac is a beta version so it doesnt have any plug ins as far as i know.
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.
I don't know what else to do. I've made it so that there's SIX rhythm tracks and ONE lead track and I still can't seem to get things to thicken up. When I get rid of the compression, the level on the recording drops a lot. I don't think it's the guitar tone, i think it's just that I suck at mixing right now haha.
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.
yea, too much bass in the rhythm guitars. Yes, the lead is played pretty sloppily (is that even a word). Could use some work, but could turn into something cool. It does sound "tiny", and I would recommend panning the rhythm guitars hard left and right.
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1202906

EDIT: Six rhythm tracks? Dude, my songs have two, one on each side, sometimes an extra in the middle. Remember, HARD left and right.
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IDK, only quick fix I can think of is change the mic your using, if your using one. IDK, I'm using the 4th version of reaper instead of the 5th, and it has a bunch of plug ins. I mean, all you really need is the Real cockus EQ or whatever the hell its called.

But I know nothing of MAC's.
I'm using a shure SM58.
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.
upload all the tracks somewhere, so we can see if its the mix or the tracks that make it sound like **** and i can try mix it so you can what potential it have
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