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Just curious as to whether the pick-ups on most UGers guitars are stock or not. Are they? The ones on mine are.
Sure are. Except for people who can afford good ones
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Yes. I don't have the money to replace them.
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On my 2 main guitars they arent. Swapped both necks and bridges for dimarzios. The guitar I use most of the time has a stock single coil, but the other has a fender red lace in it. For an Ibanez costing $1000, it had the worst stock pickups I think i've ever heard. My $400 Ibanez I had at one time had way better stock pickups on it. Darn those V series pickups!
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yip, ugly a$$ed gold SD`s
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Yes because I'm awful with a soldering iron. Though I'm looking into replacements for my strat and my tele, and I'm also considering a nice HH semihollow, which I'll be popping a pair of DiMarzio Air Zone's into most likely.

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on one guitar no and on another yes and on another yes lol.
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Sure is. A single P-90 in my Junior is all I need. =)
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On my main guitar, no, it's an RG7621 with a Lundgren M7.

On my 8 string, not for long, the EMG 808 is going out for a bareknuckle painkiller.

On my bronze bc rich (snicker) yes, but if I can get another pickup for cheap/free then I'll swap it out, at least for a little while.

On my Damien 7 (that's being sold) yes.

I'm voting no, because that's the plan at the end of all of this.
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I'll get back to you.
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On all of them. They're all stock.

I wouldn't bother changing them, i don't have the guts do do that. I would probably take it to a tech though; if it sounded like absolute ****.

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I changed them on my GRG170DX, but the others are stock. They have nice pickups so I'm happy with those. My PGM has Dimarzio PAFs, The Tele is stock and my Swing has stacked humbuckers. Nice nice.
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Well one guitar I have doesnt, and one does. One of my guitars came with EMG's, so I saw no need to replace them. The other has aftermarket Seymour Duncan Blackouts.
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all the electrics ive owned have had the stock pickups replaced
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Yes, crappy Duncan Designed HB-102.
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yeah cuz I cant afford EMGs! Im buying a BC Rich asm standard assassin and 1 day will get EMGs! Emg good, rockfield bad.
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on my strat, yes. but on my jackson, the bridge pup is a lace sensor, while the neck pup is stock
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Yes, crappy Duncan Designed HB-102.

Is than an LTD model by any chance? I bought an LTD H250 and returned it soley based on the pickups, it had the DD HB102's. But back then I didnt know anything about replacing them. I kinda wish I would have kept it now.
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Yup, mine are stock. I lack the refined ear and quality of gear to make swapping pups a significant move for me.
Custom-5/Jazz stock and I love 'em

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I think I only have one with stock pickups. And it is just a cheap throwaway fretless guitar.
On one of my guitars yes, cause they're D-Activators.

On the rest of them though I use Evolutions
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Nope, Parts-o-caster has Fralin in neck and bridge, and samarium in the middle.

PRS has Burstbuckers in both.

Gibby has SD pearly gates in both.
My Epi LP Jr was what I first practised modding on, and has had a Seymour Duncan of some kind put in, I forget which exact model.
My Rally LP copy had a couple of Swineshead pickups put in, rosewood and ebony bobbins, back when Swineshead still made their pickups at £40 a pop instead of £90 like they are now.
My LTD SA-2 has had a SD JB trembucker and a Jazz (neck) put in. Both are pretty terrible, the JB is worse than the stock bridge pickup was. I would switch them back but it's not a guitar I use enough to really care.

My Gibson is entirely stock.
My Epi is entirely stock, mostly just because it was my first guitar and I hate the idea of losing any part of it, but also because it's stock pickups are Gibson BurstBucker #2/#3s so there's really never been any reason to change them.
My Fender MIM Lone Star Strat's pickups are stock, but again they're good stock pcikups anyway - Fender Texas Specials and a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus - so it's not like they were horrible stock pickups that need changing anyway.

My two Warmoth Teles are of course custom builds so they don't really have ''stock'' hardware or electronics in the same sense as other guitars.
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I rarely leave stock pickups in a guitar. My Parker has stock pickups which are a JB/Jazz set. I would probably swap them with BKP's, but with Parkers it's a PITA. The JB/Jazz set is okay though. My Loomis still has the stock EMG 707's which I would have swapped for BKP's if not for the retarded EMG routes. My Agile 8 still has the stock pickups which are surprisingly awesome. My Floyd Rose Discovery still has stock pickups, b/c well I never play the thing. Other than that all of them have had pickup swaps. My one Caparison has a BKP Painkiller and a Dimarzio Tone Zone S, my other Caparison has a BKP Holy Diver and a Dimarzio Fast track 2, my Ibanez has a BKP Cold Sweat, my Strat has Fralin Blues Specials, My Tele has Bill Lawrence Keystones, my Agile AL-2500 has a BKP Miracle Man set, my OLP Petrucci has a D-Sonic/Air Norton set, and I just bought an old Jackson that has a JB/Jazz set.
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I'm thinking if I should replace stock pickups on epiphone lp studio to iron gear rolling mills...
Don't know yet...
Yes, they are. If I am going to put in new pickups, it's going ro probably be a seymour duncan jb in the bridge position.
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