So i just got a 5150 head. It sounds awesome on the lead channel. However when i go to adjust the Rhythm Channel specifically the Pre-Gain the amp starts to crack up real loud and make weird noises. Im not sure if it's as simple as tubes or if I actually need to take this bad boy to the shop. Any ideas?
sounds like just a bad pot. pop it open and spray some contact cleaner on the pot. or else take it to a shop.
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Rotate the knob quickly back and forth from 0 to 10 a bunch of times. That might clean it up a little.
I got some contact cleaner and took the knob off and sprayed it in there and turned it for about 30 seconds. I got to looking at the thing and it was FILTHY. I tore it all the way down and cleaned everything. I ordered some new tubes from eurotubes and now im good to go. Thanks for the help dudes.