I don't plan on buying one anytime soon, but lets say I buy a 100 watt dual rectifier amplifier. If I were to buy the 4x12 cabinet I would not be able to utilize the other 100 something watts the a 4x12 cabinet would provide would I? Would it make more sense to buy a 2x12 which can push 100 watts? Would that utilize the full potential of the dual rec?
it depends on the speakers. i think the general rule of thumb is to double the amp wattage, and have ur speakers add up to that. if u match 100 watts of speaker power to 100 watt of amp power and crank the amp, the speakers will be pushed to their limits (and with some high gain, even more so) and seeing as how they are mostly just paper, they are going to blow out pretty often.
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It is all about head room...basically, with a 2X12 and a recto, the sound will break up at a lower volume than with a 4X12. I do like the 2X12 recto cabs, but prefer the 4X12....
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Thanks guys... That's what I thought. When it comes time that I have the money I'll definitely get the 4x12.