Hi people, I'm looking at getting a Tube Screamer but I don't know which one to get. I usually play metal and rock, but I have a hot british for that (sounds pretty awesome). I've heard that I could use a TS as a boost for solos etc. and because I also play in a jazz band/combo, I was looking for something that could add a little bit of substance and grit to my tone. so pretty much, I was wondering, should I get the TS9, TS9DX, is the TS808 worth the extra $60/$70?

Another question, I'm looking for a delay pedal and a wah pedal. Not really sure how many features i need on my delay. and I'd like a wah that can do stuff from funk to metal pretty well. Am I asking too much out of this pedal? should I look into two?! I heard that the mark tremonti wah does metal/high gain really well, probably not so much with cleans.

Total budget for this is about 500USD. I should be getting a PRS custom 24 sometime in the near future, and am currently playing through a twin reverb.

Thanks in advanced
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I was wondering, should I get the TS9, TS9DX, is the TS808 worth the extra $60/$70?

get a maxon od808 instead.
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Just get a TS7 and mod it or a used TS9. For a wah, a Teese RMC3. For delay, I'd get a Memory Boy if you want something basic or a TC Nova Repeater if you want somethig more.
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I also would suggest getting a Maxon instead of Ibanez. I dont know how the 808 sounds, but I have the OD9 and I love it!
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idk about the TS, im curious as to what others say.

as for delay, it varies widely for features and sound, shop around.

and for wah, ive always liked the jimi hendrix dunlop wah, i believe theyre starting to go back in production soon too.
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Get a TS7 and mod it to 808 specs, save some money. They're not all that different circuitry-wise. If you desperately want quality, then go with the TS808 or the Maxon OD808.

Delay - MXR Carbon Copy if you want something simple.

Wah - Crybaby 535Q is the most versatile wah I've ever used, look into that.
Thanks for all your help. I checked out some clips of the maxor OD808, and wow! it sounds amazing! It sounded more full than the newer TS clips and it has true bypass. I'll definitely be checking it out, if not buying one in the near future.