so ive got a little money and im looking to get a pedal board set up, ive got about $400 to get the pedals with.

im thinking about getting a Big Muff Pi Wicker distortion, a Vox V847A wah, and im not sure what else to get.

i dont know a whole lot about effects, but i have tried out the big muff pi and the vox wah and liked both of them, but im not really sure what else i need (well not really need, but want )

i play all kinds of rock and i play blues. and before anybody asks, no, i do not need a new guitar or amp

any reccomendations on types of pedals i should get, or a certain pedal i should get would be awesome
well what genre do you play
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When people look at your profile and see that you have a spider...they're going to tell you to get a new amp, just a warning...

For blues you're probably not going to need much as far as pedals go. The Vox wah is a good suggestion. Also try the Boss Blues Driver, pretty solid pedal for overdriven blues and rock tones.
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that spider is my brothers, along with the cheap guitar that we took a saw to XD

(and i know the spider sucks, he bought it as an impulse buy and ive hated that thing since he got it)
would a big muff pi wicker distortion, a vox v847a wah, a mxr 6 band EQ, and a boss cs-3 compression sustainer be a decent setup to start my pedal board with?
Yeah, I'd go for the Vox wah and the Big Muff if you like it. Everyone around here always recommends the 10-band EQ, but I don't have any experience with EQs. You might want to consider holding off and saving for a 10 band.

Then I'd say get a decent delay pedal.
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Yeah, I didn't know how the Vox and Big Muff were. I know it's weird to ask if you haven't really used a delay pedal, but do you want analog or digital? Do you want presets? Personally I really like having presets since I play in a band and can't really bend down to change settings. But if you're cool with that it's not too big a deal. Also consider if you want tap tempo. Anyway...

EHX Memory Toy/Boy
TC Electronics Nova Repeater
MXR Carbon Copy - Some people love it, some hate it. Kinda pricey.
Boss DD-6/7

To get one with presets they're a little more expensive.

Line 6 DL4 - 3 presets $250
TC Electronics Nova Delay - 9 presets $250
Then I guess the Eventide but that's $400.

Wow took me forever to type that.
I have a huge fear if rays.
can anybody tell me why the mxr 6 band eq is bad?

i can change it to the 10 band eq if i need to, but i was just wondering what the difference was, and thanks for all the delay pedal suggestions
for a delay, try the digitech digidelay.

nobody really gives it credit, but its actualy an AMAZING pedal for the price!!!
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I think so...
Ok, making the prediction come true - (someone's gotta do it)

If you've got $400 bucks....SELL the Spider for $200.

That's really about the only good thing about Spiders - They sell very easily (I know, I've done it). There are tons of noobies that love them, and parents love to buy them for their kids.

So sell it for $200, you now have $600.
You can get a decent amp AND pedals for that. Especially if you're willing to go used.

You should be able to find a Used Peavey Classic 30 for around $400
That leaves $200 for a decent Delay and Overdrive Pedal.
You're done, good to go.

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the amp is my brothers, not mine, and both the amps i have i really like, so im just wanting some pedals

and any thoughts on the 6 band EQ? ive saw it on a few people from heres pedal boards and it looks like a good pedal from the reviews it gets, should it get, or spend the extra money for the 10 band eq?
what amps do YOU have???
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Imagine the part of the ballsack where occasionally old poo sticks to the pubes and hardens, and you then have to pull out, but as an amp. That's an MG.

Greatest quote of all time?

I think so...
there's nothing really wrong with the 6-band, compared to the 10. people just like to have the added controls. but if you don't have a compelling reason to buy a certain pedal, don't. if you want to tweak your tone and the EQ controls on your amp won't suffice, or you want to use it to boost solos or alter a given channel or etc., go for it. if you need a distortion pedal, or a delay, or a chorus or wah or an EQ, get it. if you don't, or you don't really know what you'd do with it...why bother?
400 is not a lot of budget for pedals. I would say the Boss line small boxes are good for that amount.

I like the Morely wahs myself, I use the Vai II, the pot wahs do wear out and I hate the switching they all use.

Distortion/OD is essential first pedal. A massive EQ on a little amp is not really imporant. I gave up on EQ's a long time back. I like the BBE enhancers but right now I am not using it either. My amp has more EQ ability than one could imagine.

I only use the best pedals and I constantly improve my line.

If I were you, I would get a couple Boss boxes like the OD, they have a couple good for blues and reasonable rock. A wah is nice but a chorus is cool as well and will expand your sound clean and dirty. Echo is also sweet but 400 is not a lot to go down the road. I like the FullDrive II but I run a tube amp monster.

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Morley Vai Wah II (thinking about moving the wah after the distortion, sounds great here)
Fulltone FullDrive II (set to clean boost to overdrive tube distortion channels)
Boss Metal Core (only for clean channel, Satch and Beck type tones)
Voodoo Lab Micro-Vibe

(The Metal Core might sound like a crap pedal but I am really able to get some great tones out of it, I will probably switch to the Vox Satchurator in time. By I alway liked my Keeley mod Metal Zone for intense metal tones, the Metal Core does that for me and more articulate with my technique.)

Amp Loop 1:
Carvin Fx-2 24 bit processor, unit one chorus, unit two reverb (not always used, helps keep the signal levl to the DD-20 unity level on all channels)
Boss DD-20 GigaDelay (best damn delay/echo on the planet and LINE LEVEL adjustable)

(right now, using all new Core X2 cable runs)

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Quote by HateToWin
would a big muff pi wicker distortion, a vox v847a wah, a mxr 6 band EQ, and a boss cs-3 compression sustainer be a decent setup to start my pedal board with?

Can't go wrong with the Big Muff Pi w/Tone Wicker, I have one on the way to me, they're great. The wah is okay, I personally prefer the Crybaby 535Q, but they're both good. The MXR 6 band EQ is okay, nothing wrong with it, just not as much control as the 10 band, and the Sustainer is okay, but there are better things you could get.

Quote by HateToWin
can you recommend a good delay pedal?

As ChrisBW said, the EHX Memory Boy, BOSS DD6/7 and Carbon Copy are great delay pedals, I personally would recommend the Carbon Copy, but you'd be best listening to samples on youtube and seeing what you like best.
FoolDrive: Maybe I misread... did you compare the boss metalcore to the Keeley Twilightzone? Also, the Vai Bad Horsie II uses an "electro-optical design." It doesn't have pots.

sooo... like mickey said, what amps do YOU have???
What amp(s) do you have?

And for delay, I second the EHX Memory Boy.
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