usually I hate these threads. I usually think, my god just learn some more songs, some harder songs, learn what goes behind it blah blah. USUALLY the threads are very predictable anyway..

I know about all different scales, substitutions, harmonizing, cadences, progressions, why chords are what, modulation, modes, when to use E#/B#, identifying chords, intervals, finding what key things are in...

Now I'm stuck. Usually I will open my guitar lesson with a question. Why is this there, how come that is like that, what does this mean, why wouldn't you just do that?

The last few weeks I haven't. And it is bugging me. I feel like I'm just going over old stuff (theory wise) now.

I was thinking maybe I could look at characteristics of sounds.. for ecample, there are a lot of middle eastern scales with weird names, that are all the major scale, but (obviously) they sound different.. I don't know if that is really a great area to look at though.


just read it, it's not that hard
nice tl;dr
well, my suggestion is since you know the stuff, start putting it to practical use. start a band, write some songs, practice stage presence etc. you seem well off technical-wise, the only other path would be to just keep practicing and get better/faster.
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I have started a band actually, we're called Junction. We have a few songs down, just finished putting some chords down to our newest one. Some NICE jazzy touches :P

Stage presence is definitely a good idea.. thanks
i wouldn't recommend eastern music as it has a different tone row than western music, you'd basically be starting all over. i'd just recommend going over what you know and continue to ask questions, watching really good guitarists that play classical or a harmony+melody style made me start asking looking more at voice leading and stuff. i came to a point with learning music theory that i stopped looking at it like "this explains why this works" and more like "i can pretty much do anything i want within relative reason and can make it sound sonically good to a degree, so lets look start askin why not"
voice leading!

and really I don't mind "starting all over again" because chances are I'll learn something new, and that's what I'm aiming for.

"going over what I know and asking questions"- but what questions...?