Here is my BC Rich NJ Classic Bich for 400 shipped. I may even cut a deal for less if you are in the DC area. Awesome features too. The guitar is like mint, it works perfectly.

Here's a picture of it (one on the left obviously).


-24 frets
-Mahogany body
-Neck through, feels great
-Ebony fretboard
-2 volume, 1 tone 3 way switch
-Tune-O-Matic bridge

I am selling it because I am gassing REAL bad for a 7 string and Dual Recto.

If somebody has a MESA DUAL RECTO THREE CHANNEL I could give this to you plus cash. In fact if you have one you want to just plain sell pm me.

I have plenty of references over on HC and at the MTS forums, just PM me if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking
taking trades? or 300 + some gear let me know pleas
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taking trades? or 300 + some gear let me know pleas

If you are still interested I have it on another page for 375. I might consider a little bit of a trade with cash.