So yeah here is an other guitar cover, this time it's muse plug in baby. I really like this song, it has to be in my top 5 of muse songs. did the distortion parts in one take, and the same for the clean parts. i added in a feedback intro trying to mimic the actual song.

anyways the song is on my profile along with other cover if you want to check those out as well, that would put you on the super cool list btw.
my amp is a line 6 spider II. basically using the default distortion setting which is based off a masa-boogie amp and the default clean tone which is based off a fender amp. glad you liked it!
well i think that the default settings sound good. i found that when you try do make your own tone up it just doesn't sound as good. my amp is just a 1-12in combo amp, i don't know how the stacks sound really. when it come to combo amps though i found this one to be the one for me because it comes with some cool effects and 4 built in channels which is really nice.