I have to do a 'Senior Project' in order to graduate at my school, and for mine I'm going to build a tube amp. I have to write a letter with information on my project, so I was hoping someone on here could give me an estimated amount of work time it takes to build an amp. Help is very much appreciated
I'd build yourself a P1 kit from AX84.com. Check my sig, I walk through construction of an SEL, which is more complicated than the P1.

Unless you'll get extra points for doing metalworking, get the prepunched chassis, it's worth the $.

My guess is, no prepunched chassis, 20-30 hours. Prepunched chassis would probably add another 5 or so.

If it doesn't take enough time, you can always add time for "tweaking"...could be a good reason.

Do you want me to write up an actual letter in word and email it to you? I'll gladly do that if needed. I need a bit more background (what class it is, what requirements it fulfills, etc).
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