I was wondering, how could I improve on figuring out the chords in a song? Obvious is by just doing it a lot. But maybe I'm missing something out
Thanks a lot
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Use the EQ on your music player - turn down all except the bass frequencies, that will help to hear the bass better. In most rock songs the bass plays only the root note of the chord (if not, than probably it will play it on the first beat of that bar), when you figure out what the bass plays, just play that part as power chords. Then you just have to use your ear and experience to determine if the chords are minor and major (don't try to transcribe songs with complex chords at the beginning). There is another method - if you know chord progressions, take your guitar, choose a suitable key and try to sing the melody from the song and just build up from the first chord you picked. It will become much easier in no time.
Look for the bass notes first, those are most likely the root notes. Then listen to each chord to figure out the quality.
By figuring out the melody. In most genres other than jazz, the melody is usually the root or the third, or sometimes the fifth. In jazz it's a lot harder since they practically use every note of the chord to harmonize with.
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