Well im too lazy and tired to look threw the forum right now to find what im looking for but what i am looking for is some decent chord progressions to use for fingerpicking (ex. A Am D Dm..) Anything really just for me to practice on cause im a newb Thanks So Much If You Have Any
I - IV - V7
I - IV - vi - V7
ii7 - V7 - I6
ii7 - Vsus - IM7
i - iv - V7
vi - V/viiø - I

Some common progressions and turnarounds, off the top of my head.
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yes yes I do have some decent chord progressions
how about, stop being lazy, go learn some theory, and then write your OWN.
or, one step down, find songs you like, and steal progressions from them.

I KNOW! It was 1:00am when i posted this but now its morning and i will look around.