hi all

if you could help me with a problem i have?

ive got a digitech multichorus and a crybaby wah,

i go from guitar>chorus>crybaby>amp

both pedals are powered form the one source (piggy backed) and squeal when i use them at the same time.

this has never happened as ive used the crybaby on battery. the squeal is high pitched and hard not to miss.

i have a fender strat and a small fender amp FYI (past used by date but unrelated)

any help?

in other words.....why is the power causing a squeal and what can i do?

thanks say ocean

yeah thats it,

the piggy back power is screwing it all up? i asked a mate and his doesn't do it....

is it normal to have a seperate 9V for every pedal?

(i know the alternitive of buying a power pack)

EDIT: do i ahve the right to take it back? not satisfied
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thanks mate

has anyone esle had a problem with piggy back's for power?

EDIT:just found out that they are called daisy chains
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it's generally a bad idea that leads to sag, though with just two pedals it should be fine unless one of them is drawing a lot of power, which is likely what's going on in your case.

and sometimes pedals just don't like to share (holy grail).
Man, you have to take care about the amperes this piggy thing can do.
A wah goes like 200 mA.
Chorus 50mA.

There are lots of great power bricks on the market, make sure to get a good one...
Gator makes good products, but I never tested their power bricks. Perhaps you should have a read on harmony central.