I want to upgrade my 5150 Slant cabinet.
Should i just upgrade to Celestion speakers or buy a new cab from a different manufacturer.
My confusion is are all cabs made equal ? I mean the wood, construction etc. Would just putting in celestion speakers make this cab the same as any other 4X12 with the same speakers ?

Am also looking into the Fryette (VHT) Deliverence 2X12 cabinet, its a bit larger than most 2X12's but has custom Eminence speakers i guess.

I need a versatile cabinet which can handle clean Blues to Metal.

Thanks for ur quick reply and positive answer, what speakers did u put in ?
...and is it easy to put in celestion speakers into the 5150 cab ? Any cutting or wood modification required ?
I put in warehouse green berets to use with my marshall jmp. No wood cutting. Unscrew the back panel, then unclip the wires from the speakers, then unscrew the speakers, then screw the new ones in. Be careful not to screw too tightly as to avoid bending the rim of the speakers. Then clip the wires back onto the speakers, using a diagram to show you how to wire it for how many ohms you want the cab to be. Pretty simple, goes quick if you have a drill to take care of all the damn screws with.

Take a look at www.warehousespeakers.com they make celestion clones. Their veteran 30 is like a celestion v30 but with more tamed mids so they aren't as harsh and honky. They green berets are pretty much almost exact clones of greenbacks.
Thanks dude.
The Warehouse speakers are not an option for me as they don't ship worldwide and don't have international dealers, i could saved so much money with them!

It'll have to be Celestion Vintage 30's and GT12T75 in an X formation.
Thanks for solving my confusion man.

Not gonna doubt Say Oceans recommendation will sound good but I think it'll be more worth it to just grab a used Mesa cab, they go for a really cheap on Guitar Center's site.

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Oh well, TS I hope you're enjoying that cab. Reporting this thread...
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