both sound good, but im leaning towards metal muff as its half the price as the HT

your thoughts
blackstar sounds much better... not sure if it's twice as expensive better, only you can answer that.

I think the Blackstar Dist-X even blows the Keeley Twilight Zone out of the water, as well as the Metal Muff.
I've got a Metal Muff .... With emg's it sounds pretty good but with passive pu's you'll have to experiment a lot with the knobs ( metal muff and amp ) to get somehow a good sound.... well it's too much "muff" than "metal" in my opinion.
I've owned both pedals......

I thought the Metal Muff sounded good on the clean channel of a tube amp, but cold and harsh on a solid state amp.

The Dist-X has shed loads of gain and the valve gives it warmth but I found the pedal to be a bit fuzzy with the gain cranked and it was lacking in bottom end...

Both are good pedals but results will vary depending on what amp you have.....
I got rid of my muff. It's good to start with but you'll eventually out grow it's uses.
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