So today I found a package waiting for me...

Who send me cat package??

No, but really:

Holy crap, a shirt that says TEH! Oh, and what's that little box??
Yah, EHX Double Muff.

And a group shot:

I haven't actually tried it with my other pedals yet, I hear it's pretty fussy about where it's placed in the chain, but we'll see.

I've played with it for about 30 minutes so far, and I love it! The single muff is a lowish gain fuzzy overdrive, which is quite clear, and cleans up brilliantly with light pick attack or lowering the volume knob. It can give a bit of a boost, and so far my favourite setting is just a little bit over unity. Used with even a little bit of gain on the amp, it gets pretty heavy even by itself.

With the second muff kicked in, it can get pretty intense; sort of like a Big Muff, but much clearer, and it actually has mids, which is nice!

I haven't quite dialed in a good amp setting for using it yet: on the setting it was on (which had been messed up by moving), the pedal sounded too muddy, so I upped the treble a bit, and it was too bright..

I did manage to get some great Neil Young and overdrive sounds, but bypassed the tone wasn't quite right... I'm sure it'll just take a bit of tweaking to work it out.
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