Ok guys, long story short

I can play pretty much anything I want on guitar, breakdowns are easy, but I always forget how they go, I'm in a band and at them moment we have an original set of about 5-6 songs. Each song has 1-2 breakdowns, I keep forgetting the rhythm of the breakdowns, any technical or melodic parts = easy, it's just the whole rhythm of the chug that i don't get. I can listen to it once and play it no problem, it's just first time round in practice, we always trainwreck because I've forgotten how the breakdown goes, or the drummer just glares at me and trys to cover up my mistakes.

if you don't know what a breakdown is:
it's the chug.

Any drills or tips on learning them? Our breakdowns are pretty technical as far as breakdowns go, but still, this shouldn't be a problem


usualy breakdowns are the easiest part, id make a rough recording of ur song and listen to it over and over so you can remember it
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dude, each song has 1-2 breakdowns? give me a break...

On topic: play it really slow with a metronome, that way it stays properly in your memory
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breakdowns are the easiest part of the song, its typically an open string chug in a repeated pattern...all I can say is practice

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i dont understand how you can play "melody = easy" when you cant play one note repeatedly

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Quote by Vitor_vdp
dude, each song has 1-2 breakdowns? give me a break...

On topic: play it really slow with a metronome, that way it stays properly in your memory

I dont know f it was on purpose but i lol'ed

back on topic I'd record it and listen to it a few times
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play them more so you remember them?

this. maybe you are just over looking them because you dont find them to be as difficult (what, most of the time they are open power chords). practice more, and concentrate. dont be so "out to lunch" and really pay attention
The breakdown probably doesn't flow with the song. That's why. If you're playing the melodies and you go into a breakdown that fits the song it should be no problem cause your hands will want to do it already... Maybe that's just with me and I'm an idiot.. I'm going with idiot.
This is unrelated to technique or anything, but seriously, stop playing so many breakdowns. They completely lose their impact and power if there's two of them in each song.
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