so i really like my roland cube 60, but i need a little more crunch in my distortion, would this pedal achieve this:


Ive read great reviews about moen butt i dont know how it would go with an ss.

Also would the cube take a wah well, like a morley bad horsie or crybaby 535q?

PS; I CANT AFFORD A NEW AMP, im saving gradually but it willl be ages untill i can afford the engl screamer thats in my dreams
A wah will work fine, however distortion pedals and cubes don't really go together. I know, I've tried.
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I think they take dirt okay, particularly at lower od levels.

Stupendous amounts of gain will just end up fizzy.

Tip: if the OD/dist has a tone, or eq section, leave them all about balanced, i.e. at noon.

If you need more or less of anything, do it on the AMP'S eq, not the pedals. That's just how cubes seem to like it to me, YMMV!
okay so the distortion will help? a straight answer would be good...i just wanna know;

1. Will the cube be any good witha dist stomp box
2. Is this Moen one anygood i know its hella cheap but its analogue, its true bypass and has a metal casing so
self bump (i feel dirty) but seriously does anyone have an answer, its not a hard question or anything