Hey UG community! I have been looking for a good multi-effects... pedal, for lack of a better word. My friend says go with the Boss ME-50 or something called the POD (?). However, upon a visit to the music store, the clerk advised me to get a Digitech onboard computer station. The clerk said he tried to get a mostly clean sound with a little compression for a country sound with the ME-50 and failed. Anyone have any input?
I have a floor pod plus..
I dont like the distortions on it, but I havent tried it with my new amp yet either..just a mg.

I do like the delays and the compressor..the NG is handy as well.
I'd recommend the Line 6 POD, it's one of the best multi-effects around for the moneys.

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What's a "Digitech onboard computer station"? Is he talking about a GNX4, because that's called a guitar workstation. The biggest reason to get a GNX4 is because it has an 8 track recorder, looper, mp3 backing track player, and midi drum machine. If you don't need or want all that then there are lots of options. You need to define your price range because they go from under $100 to $500 for most mainstream multifx.