I've currently got a modified Gidon guitar - kaoss pad & fernandes sustainer kit to boot. The only problem is, the tone is very very dry compared to my seymour duncan-powered Fender tornado.

I've been told the nailbomb humbucker is the way to go for a nice crunchy bellamy-esque tone. Any opinions?

Also, if I were to decide to go for the nailbomb humbucker - any specifics I'd need to know before purchasing? Having originally bought the sustainer kit for my tornado, I was informed there was no way it could go in that without mangling the body or paying a small fortune.. thus along came the Gidon. From looking at an online store, I need to specify the conductor, spacing, and leg.. anyone care to chime in with some advice?

I would email them, from what I've heard they'll be happy to advise and recommend you depending on your current gear and desires.
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awesome, where did you get the fernandes sustainer kit from? and how much? I'm thinking doing a similar thing and have been to that the Nailbombs are good ones to use.


^ that is a good ite to look at and see the specs of Bellamy's guitars
hope that helps
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Nailbomb is a nice pickup but don't forget that IronGear do a similar product to just about everything BKP put out.
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whats there version of the nailbomb i ve got one for there steamhammers and that pretty damn good for £25.
Yea, Matt Bellamy actually uses Nailbomb Pickups in many songs
"Guitar is tactile, It's about how you play it"
- Joe Bonamassa

Nailbombs are awesome for what you are describing. I don't like Muse's tone, but I often find myself getting his tones without meaning to when I'm playing my J6 (with Nailbombs in it).