All right, i've always known i'd have a problem i couldn't fix easily some day, and there it is lol.
This morning, i was practicing some songs, and i stopped playing for a moment (i was on the pit) and when i tried to play again, no sound through the amp. i kept strumming and eventually the sound came back. i thought it could be the jack, so i changed jack, and i did have some volume, and the volume disappeared again a bit later. changed guitar, got the same problem, but it took longer and didn't last as long.

now the thing is, i don't know where the problem comes from. To me, it's either both jacks are faulty, both guitars are faulty, one of my pedals is playing with me or it's just the amp that's dead. the amp is an ibanez ibz10g (practice amp) and it's 4 years old. pedals... well there are 14 of them, plus a footswitch for my looper, so i hope i won't have to try them all to find out when the volume drops, because it could take a loooooong time.

i hope it's the amp, this way i can go and buy a vox ac4 =D haha..
but yeah, if anyone can help, it'd be appreciated, i mean, if someone ever experienced this and knows how to fix it...

tl;dr: volume drop problems, either the amp (ibz10g), a pedal (14 pds + a fs) the lead (tried 2 though) or guitar (tried 2 also)
You haven't changed leads? 9/10 that's your problem...and if it is, take them apart; usually one metal bit has become detached from another. Easy to solder back together.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see that you tried leads.

It may be the volume pots if there's crackling? Try taking the backplate off your guitar and cleaning the pots. If not, then it may be your amp.

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1. Plug guitar direct to amp - no pedals connected at all.

That will tell you if problem is the amp or pedals.

If it's the amp, time to get a new one.
SS amps are difficult and costly to troubleshoot, likely not worth the cost.

If the problem goes away with guitar connected direct to amp, then it's either a pedal or a cable. Not just the ones connected to your guitar or amp, but all the cables between each pedal.

You'll have a long process of elimination to find the problem.
1 pedal at a time
1 cable at a time
till you find the problem.

Good luck.

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