these are just a couple of ideas ive had for some songs, just started some of them off and wondering what you think. they are all quite short and yes kinda poorly recorded, hopefully i will be recieving my SM57 mic sometime soon so quality might get better soon.
anyway, please check them out and critique.

btw, everything except for 'mix 1 - take2' was recorded with mixcraft
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hey cheerz. i did the bass parts through an normal electric guitar which might explain it lol

btw, cricket kinda reminded me of pearl jam type mellow songs. i liked the lead singers voice, good stuff.
I dug "atheni", cool guitar part there. On "Mix One-Take 2", I thought the bass sounded a little off there. How'd you get a normal guitar an octave down? Tone settings? Pedal? But I dug the actual notes of the bass progression.

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Thanks, yea i used neck pickup with toned turned down to 0.

btw, your voice is great on your tracks