I own a Epiphone Les paul studio and a marshall 10 watt would it be more worth while to buy new pickups for my guitar probly seymour duncan invaders or a new amp line 6 spider III 30 watt
New amp, but not a spider.
Budget, style of music, venues you'll be playing?

carrots? pieces of grass???
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Fender Vibro Champ XD or Peavey Vypyr 30 are your best bets with a $200 budget. Go to a store and compare the two.
Get a new amp, don't buy anything from Line 6.

Buy Peavey, they have a lot of good low priced amps
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why not buy anything from line 6?

Only the Line 6 Spiders are bad amps. Line 6 Vettas are awesome, and Flextones aren't too bad either. The Spiders are just horribly overpriced and horrible sounding. Like others have said, you should check out the Peavey Vypyr or maybe a Roland Cube.
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well he was talking about a budget so obviously money

A currency helps a lot.

After all the purchasing power of US$200 is significantly different from 200 rupees.
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Don't buy a Line6 or Invaders.

Look at a Peavey Vypyr instead and just replace the Epi's bridge pickup with a Duncan JB and leave the stock neck pickup in. They're actually decent for lead, blues and clean tones.
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peavy vypyrs a bit expensive what about a better marshall??
newer marshall sound like A$$

vox,peavey,roland is your best bet
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