i got a couple decent cheap guitars, a michael kelly patriot custom and a jazz guitar epiphone hollowbody (not sure which one it went for about 300 on ebay). i want to modify them to make them 1. stay in tune! 2. good pickups. 3. set to play in c. im willing to pay good money for the parts i just was wondering if anyone knew any specific pickups i should look into getting for these guitars... i play a lot of avande garde jazz and a lot of harder doom groove rock, also native trance, dub, electronica- psy trance stuff using a lot of fuzz and high output and effects so im kind of all over the board, umm im influenced by tones like mars volta's, queens of the stone age, kyuss, lot of robot rock! lots of fuzz! mike pattons guitar players tone in tomahawk... im playing through an orange rockerverb 100 and i like fuzzzzz hah.
also if you can think of anything else i can do to these guitars let me know.. or if you think its all not worth the effert and i should just get a nice guitar- your opinion is still interesting and will be taken into account
For tuning stability a graphite nut and locking tuners should be able to get you straight. There are so many pickup options. Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, etc. Sometimes the best thing is to just give the company a call and tell them what you are looking for. The MK Patriots are nice guitars and should be fine for what you want to do. As far as playing in C I recommend some beefier strings and a setup afterwards and you're done
so do you think i should change the tuners and the pickups on the mk patriot? from what i can tell the tuners are alright nothing great, and same for the pickups. i want to make it sound a lot like a les paul
It's all going to depend what you want to invest. You have two good guitars to upgrade!

I like Rockfield or Guitar Fetish pups for inexpensive upgrades you can buy them new pretty cheap. They are awesome pups and well worth the dough. Wilkinson makes great tuners that won't break the bank but you can find all kinds on Ebay used. I have gotten Grovers and Schallers for as little as $12.00 a set used. I have found pick ups used for as low as $10.00 ea for DiMarzios and Duncans. Ebay can be great for finding used guitar parts for upgrades. Graphite nut is always a plus but unless you know what you doing you can mess up. Other things you can do is replace the hardware if it's not up to par, dress the frets, intonate and a set up. All this will help the playability of your guitars.

yay! im glad i made sum good choices on guitars! the mk patriot already has grover tuners.. are there nicer ones i could buy? im willing to spend a lot of doe on the pups, the mk patriot already has rockfield pickups but they really dont sound to professional, im looking for something better... what do you mean dress the frets? im trying to turn the mk patriot into a mid chrunching- les paul kinda thing, and the epiphone same thing cept maybe the front pup could be for more clean tone jazz type sound