hi im playing metal and wanted to ask if you can use the marshall dsl401 combo for doing that....
i heard that this amp doesnt have enough gain so i want to ask the pros^^
im playing a gibson explorer with the normal pick ups
no you cant.

great rock amp.. not great metal amp.
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if you don't want a real hi-gain amp you could always just buy a metal muff distortion pedal
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hey, it works fine for me tbh.

i just got my dsl 201 yesterday, ive played stuff all th way from paramore - foo fighters - metallica - slipknot - cradle of filth.

and it sounded great.

some might say get an overdrive pedal to boost abit, but im yet to try it :P
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Check out my cover of "Have It Your Way" by Mudvayne on my profile. Used Gibson LP into Dsl401. You can play metal, but it sounds kinda "loose" and gets messy the more you turn up the gain.
thats like asking if you can play metal on a strat.

The answer is yes, you can... you might just need to help it along depending on exactly what sound you want.
you could certainly get good metal sounds out of a dsl 401, just use the right effects pedals and you should have no problem. somekind of metal overdrive or distortion should do just fine
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Maybe you would be better off with an ENGL combo.
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DSL50 will give you a much better metal sound

What kinds of metal do you play?
Can you go used?
why marshall?(and dont you give me that n00bish answer that its used by professionals like so and so)
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Yeh the DSL 50 is kick ass for metal!
Get it with a 2x12 and it wont cost you too much.. The 4x12's a bit much anyway lol
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i find the dsl100 to be the best for metal. actually, just the best dsl. actually, the best jcm 2000 in general
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i have the jvm 205h its awsome, great metal!!
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DSL a kick ass rock and roll amp, not good for metal.

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it depends on your taste and definition of "metal".
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