anyone wanna start an online band kinda thing, im online alot and have nothing else to do for awhile. play bass, i dont care about the style thats up to everyone else
yeah dude you can pick em. morbid angel was good but not as good as the rest.

Here are some of my guitar influences

Suffocation - Infecting the crypts ( I woulda put a video but you got it already )

Gorerotted - To Catch a Killer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBDhKbT0Hf4

Cannibal Corpse - Necropedofile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPguUogUyn0

Jungle Rot - Infectious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuzOV4nNmHE

but I also like a lot of crust

Dystopia ( two songs because they are dope )

Contravene (two songs again because they are almost two different genres, crusty punk and the other is more metal )

I dunno I play like a death metal crustyish type of guitar, all dropped C I can't really tab so I'll just make videos on how to play and send em to you or if I really absolutely have to I'll tab it.

I really like the drumming style of jungle rot and Suffocation , how it's almost a slayerish type of drumming, but at the same time has elements of blasting. Also I really like how gorerotted has a non death metal type of backup singer, that fool makes them sound way more badass.

so I dunno I'm sure we can come up with something good, and I'D REALLY LIKE TO HAVE A REAL DRUMMER NOT AN ELECTRONIC SET
I just got a cpu so I'll be a noob to this online band thing but I'll give it a go I'm a guitarist of 4 years and I'm alright I'll play whatever the band wants to play.
i dont know how much death metal i can stand dude lol, that **** is brutal, that guitars are fine then it sounds like someone is just hitting a drum as hard and as fast as they can for no reason and it totally kills the rythem of it, sorry doesnt seem like something i could get into, but looks like a few people on here might be up for it so try to get something with them
id be down. idk about death metal tho. maybe the lyrical influence but id rather play somethin with some groove to it. i would be down to try vox too.

I only have sonar right now, if you have a different, free, software then that would be cool with me. I need to buy a new mic, though.
well I'm pretty much onyl down to play death metal, thrash metal, oldschool hardcore punk, or crust, mabye some other **** let me know what you want to do though
I'm straight down for death metal. Guitarist of almost 7 years total (2 year break in there somewhere when I played bass for a while- so I know my backbeats too)

Death was one of the best bands in existence, and if you don't agree, there's //somthing// wrong with you.
i play progressive style metal, and i really like bluegrass any of those intrest you?
i play progressive style metal, and i really like bluegrass any of those intrest you?