It has been proven that the right brain is more artsy and stuff while the left is more
about maths, languages.
And it has been proven that the left hand uses the right brain and vise versa.

So when you are right handed and play the guitar
the fretting hand is more artsy or "feely" while the left hand is more accurate?

Does that mean that Righties have the more scientific advantage against lefties?

e.g. my leftie friend has a problem with improvising but is dead accurate and fast with his fretting hand. And I´m the other way round.

edit: Sorry mixed up the brains
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no mate, the left side of you brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa
it doesn't matter. when you play music, you are using your whole brain to play. there's no more advantage one way than there is another. what you are talking about in difference in hemispheres is in your frontal cortex. what controls your physical movement is your motor cortex onwards. but there is no advantage either way for left or right handed.
Well let me ask you this, do you use only one hand to play? And also one side of the brain is more dominant to free thinking and creativity( I don't remember what side) so the whole brain is used while playin. Also it is a fact that lefties have an advantage when it comes to sports( don't know of guitar is included) that require fast reflexes and accuracy.
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i don`t think about, it comes out naturally after 22 years of practice, still think about structure and the theory in the application of what i`m playing, all brain activity is automatic and no-one would realize what part of the brain they were using without being a neurosurgeon.

their was a programme on tv here in the uk where they took a mri (magnetic resonance imaging) image of a brain whilst showing pics of various desirable and not so desirable items and it shown that the brain activity in the middle lit up with the desirable images.