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Finally! there we go sorry for the posts I just want ppl to see its there . now C4C. The bigger urs the bigger mine its in my profile
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Oh, i love these kinds of intros. I'm reviewing this as I listen so...
EPIC electric guitars. With the delay it sounds like there are 12 guitars. The riffs reminded me of Iron Maiden, but I don't listen to much metal like this, so maybe there were other bands that sound like that. I love Iron Maiden. Keep writing this song, cuz I dig it.
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Listened to it. The intro sounded a bit...not sure...muddled? Something to that effect. Not bad though.

When the lead kicked in I was pleasantly surprised. A very nice, clean sounding distortion. I'm a fan.
I dont know how its metal.. xD.. but w/e. I was wondering I might rerecord the clean part on a different guitar. Does anyone know if theirs a difference in tone (especially clean effects) with F hole telecasters and teles without Fholes?
I love it, it sounds amazing so far. Your lead tone is awesome. I think your rythem tone has too much bass, or its just overloading my speakers. I think you need to finish recording the rest, becuase what I'm hearing is great.

Really amazing, Its true, the electric guitar takes you by surprise, and so does the delay on the first guitar, probably would sound great with drums and vocals as well.
Sound good!

I realy like your clean intro your harmony riff at 0:50 is awesome.
You should just maybe raise a bit the volume of rhytm guitar during some part it's pretty hard to hear.

A bit short but oh well, that was very nice ;-)
If you got more send them to me ;-)
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20 sec more long then yours...


This is pretty cool. I'm sure it would sound a lot stronger with drums though

Overall the song flows well. Kinda has an old silverstein/pre-full-length-saosin vibe to me, which I dig. I'd be stoked to hear the whole thing.