Ok, so long story short, we help my grandma run a booth at a craft fair every year. And it was decided that to help draw people our way I should bring my acoustic and play out front (this is a small town with virtually no musicians, people gather around an idiot with a banjo haha). So I need song song suggestions to play that everyday people would know, aka radio music.

Songs would ideally be recognizable, like play at a wedding type songs.

Ideally they would not be to technically difficult as my skill range looks about like this:
Bass>Singing>electric guitar> acoustic.

One suggestion I already had that is exactly what I'm looking for would be Good Riddance by green day. Its easy and everyone knows it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. And screw you in advance to anyone who leave a sarcastic/unhelpful answer.
Early Bob Dylan, nearly everyone knows atleast 1 song from every album up until Blonde on Blonde and they're all pretty damn simple and with the 1st few being only him and an acoustic (ok and a harmonica) there's no logistical problems.
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people gather around an idiot with a banjo haha.

Get a Banjo?

Dylan is always good. Oasis songs can be crowd pleasers.
Stuck in the middle by Steelers Wheels
Play up some Sublime..What I Got or Santeria ,both are great ..everybody knows them
how about!

kid rock- all summer long
pink floyd- mother-wish you were here
nickleback- leader of men
green day- 21 guns
pop evil- 100 in a 55
counting crows- mr. jones
oasis- wonderwall
sister hazel- your winter
lohn lennon- working class hero
3 doors down- landing in london

just to name a few
van morrison - brown eyed girl!
Yorkshire lad Born 'n' Bread.........And proud

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^^ First acoustic song I learnt. Very easy
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Try Solitary Man by Neil Diamond?
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I'd try some Beatles too. EVERYBODY knows Beatles songs! Most are fairly simple.
elton john - daniel
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