I'm a newbee and need help with alternate picking. On the up stroke the pick feels like it catches the string. Any tips on preventing this.
Angle your pick forward to about 30 degrees to the horizontal, use a thick, stiff pick.
I've been playing for about six months..I am by no means an expert at Alt picking but it will come in time if you practice alot and RELAX your picking hand. Sometimes I will turn the amp down and just sit the practicing alternate picking the bottom three strings in various patterns...
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Same for me. I have been practicing alternate picking for a good few months and I'm getting better, but I still find it hard alternating between the lower strings.

What I do is try and use alternate picking in easy parts of songs, and when I get more used to it, try and use alternate picking with harder parts

A good riff that will help you get better at alternate picking is Muse - Plug in Bay

Also don't hold your pick tight, hold it loose, but not to loose
it was easy for me because I lean more towards upstrokes anyway. So when i went back and forced myself to play with down strokes, it wasnt nearly as bad.