They'll come in a box filled with bubble wrap usually. It's really up to the actual guitar company to put it in a case if you get me. Either way, it's a box and bubble wrap.
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depends on the guitar, if it`s highend then more than likely.

So sayy.. an Ibanez RG Prestige would come in a nice boxx ?
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So sayy.. an Ibanez RG Prestige would come in a nice boxx ?

I would say yes, seeing as they ship it with a case on alot of other sites, and it's an expensive guitar, you must make a NGD when you get it :P
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i will do indeed!! ;D.
definitely excitedd haha..
Any ideaa on the time it takes to arrive?

Gonna order it for early october.
GAK do not have a great reputation for prompt delivery or letting you know that the stock guitar you ordered is not really in stock.
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all ibanez prestige guitars come in a prestige hard case sorry for this image again (for TS info).

the outside has prestige ibanez moulded on both sides and a team j craft badge again both sides
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