I reach for another bottle
An open door
The wind carrys your voice in

You tell me
to stop what i'm doing
You just don't want me to go back there again

I try to restrain myself
from reaching out
and giving in again

But I can't control my self
I really need some help
I need some ****ing help

I know I'll never see you again
but you'll always be here to the end
Telling me not to do what I shouldn't
So I'm putting down that bottle, again...

These thoughts, they plage my mind
They're overwhelming
Almost making me cry

But I cannot rember
your face anymore
So how can you say
That I'm not right


Brige X3 Gradulally builds up

You used to try,
to Help me quit
But now I cannot see the light....
from you


Outro (Bridge chanted)

TBH, Most of the lines probably don't match :/ But I kinda put all the new lines in the wrong place, when I practice this with the bamnd I'll be sure to get it right

Any crit possible