'Sup, UG, just wrote a new song.

D C9 G9
Am C G9
D C9 G9
I don't know where I going
Am C G9
Except it's no place that I've been
D G9 C9 G9
Dusty roads and lonely highways in the dead of the night
Am C G9
And I won't come here again
D c9 G9
you've had more than one chance to keep me here
Am C G9
but that ship sailed long ago
D G9 C9 G9
ANd If you really wanted to keep me in your life
Am C G9
you would have told me so

So Now I'm leaving

And You're standing in the door

Looking at me with those pleading eyes

but I won't fall for that no more

Ten men stand behind my decision

BUt I know it's you not me

It's you own foolish and naivete

That leaves you so lonely

D C9 G9
You say that you don't need him to be happy
Am C D
You say that you'd rather be free
C9 G9 C9 G9
But the next time he comes by and breaks you're heart
Am C D
Don't tell those lies to me

Now Baby, I know I said I was coming back

Well, that all is a lie

I'm not sure why I said so long after the welcome worn out

but now it's time for me to fly
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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