That loves the smell of lemon oil and new guitar strings, i could smell that stuff for days on end.

Maybe i can make some sort of.... lemon oil and new guitar string air freshener >_>
Lemon Oil, yes

New guitar strings, not really, but that bright sound is soo pretty.

I would buy the air freshener, so get working! :-P
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I regularly take a big sniff of lemon oil, it smells so nice
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mmmmmm, lemony
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The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones
how many peeps are sniffing strings atm , but yes love the smell of new guitars and of lemon oil and formula 65 polish (wouldn`t start a sniffing habit though)
The lemon oil I have in my house is like...probably decades old. It does the job, but it smells pretty musky.

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you sir, have just won for this statement. =D

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Not lemon oil but since we're talking about wonderful guitar smells a new Martin acoustic smells incredible. When I first got mine I would open it up the case just to smell it. Sadly the smell has faded away, it makes me want to buy a new one just for the smell.
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I love the smell of the inside of my Ibby Prestige case... MMMMMmmmm....
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I've had my Dean leather case for about a year and a half. I've sprayed it with cologne, air freshener, body spray...

And it still has that "New Case Smell..."

As for lemon oil... *SNIIIIIIIIIIIFF*
you make that air freshener and i will buy one.
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I like the smell when i report a spam thread
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I like the smell when i report a spam thread

^ the winner.
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