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Jim Rome is Burning
1 4%
Around the Horn
5 20%
Pardon the Interruption
5 20%
NFL Live
4 16%
Baseball Tonight
4 16%
1 4%
0 0%
5 20%
Voters: 25.
Besides SportsCenter of course. What's your favorite sports show?

Personally I like Around the Horn the best... Woody Paige FTW!!! I can't stand Jim Rome and PTI is a really good show but when I watch it it seems like the commercials get more airtime then the actual show.


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Around the Horn then PTI.
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You expect many people in the pit to watch ESPN?

Snf for the record, I don't get ESPN, but what I've seen of PTI looks good.
looking at that list, it doesn't look as though ESPN has many decent shows; but I voted NFL live.
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just a few of my fans..

I love PTI, and I can't stand that show in the morning with skip bayless (it's actually been a while since i've seen ESPN, so I'm not sure if they still have him in the morning).
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You expect many people in the pit to watch ESPN?

Why wouldn't they?

I like PTI the best, but I do enjoy their MNF coverage.
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Why wouldn't they?

I like PTI the best, but I do enjoy their MNF coverage.

It's not really the sportiest of forums.
I like when they cover sports instead of talking about them.


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I miss ESPN 2 showing obscure sports. I wanna watch lawnmower races and roller hockey!!
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I love sports, and I can't stand anything on ESPN. I'll watch Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight for highlights, but the analysis sucks on those shows, let alone on the others.
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Around the Horn. It's entertaining watch all of the guys argue.
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i voted SportsNation but i dont know wjat this is
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