I would like the vocals to be a bit louder. Other than that it has nice structure, all of the instruments are solid. I like how you did not make it over complicated. I liked it a lot even though it's not exactly my type of music. I really like the main riff, it fits well with the tone of the vocals. The solo is very nice as well.

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VERY good song. Superb quality and mixing. The song is structured very well and it is very catchy. It has good lyrics! Where did you record this? It needs an orchestra (if you really wanted to go all out on the piano part). The tone of the song changes in some parts and I like it. If I could download this song I would put it on my iPod.

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I like the intro. And then the drums came in. Not expected (i was expecting a single guitar song), and it sounds good. I feel like banging my mellow head to this, man. I really like that piano, and is that a pad in the background, or is that just reverb building up? This is tight, man. And the guitar solo is a good touch. Not OMG LOOK AT MY peaceful GUITAR SKILLS, but almost minimalist.
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1202906
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A nice rock sound, vocals remind me of Dave Grohl. Chill song, the production on the voice reminds me of something that I can't quite place, but as the above folks have said the production is great. Only complaint about it would be the guitar may be just a tad too bassy for me, but this is a very minor point.
Hey mang, you're clearly a great composer. I bet you make a lot of money someday! Do you have any recordings that are, you know... more upbeat?
Cheers Flum, I remixed it a put the vocals up a tiny bit so Hopefully its a bit better now

MrDinkleberry - Thanks for the comments, if you leave me your email I'd more than happily send it! I'll have a look at putting an orchestral sound in, I have East West library so no excuse!

bry0n - No that is a synth from East West goliath, Glad you like iut thanks for the input.

codyadamscea - Yeah the vocal was double tracked. I love pink floyd!! Although I can't see the resemblance with that particulat tunes! Thanks for the comments!

CptRevell - I saw foo fighters last year and love Dave Grohl so that comparison flatters me although not sure its too true! I may roll out a bit of bass in the guitar then.

ethan_hanus - Cheers mate, what do you mean by static?

ZachVan - heres hoping! Thanks for the kind words appreciate it! The reason there all a bit chilled it I'm trying to sort out an album for media eventually, and I think these kind of songs work best. Once I get some more upbeat ones I'll let you know!
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