I'm 15 and a half at the moment, recently picked up my guitar again after not playing for 2-3 years (had been playing for roughly a year and a half, a lesson each week and the occasional practise, ending on being able to play Sweet Child O' Mine and various songs with similar difficulty levels). I've been playing for a week at the moment and I'll briefly list what I can play, or rather, the main things that I can play:

  • Iron Man - full minus solo
  • Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson version) - full minus solo
  • Various intros - Smoke on The Water, Smells Like Teen Spirit, One, Enter Sandman, Back in Black, Beat It, Purple Haze etc
  • Full chords for various songs including Good Riddance, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Chasing Cars
  • A few scales and other random easy tunes

I've really been relying on my own self knowledge of basic songs at the moment, and have just today stumbled across http://www.guitarnoise.com/easy/ which I've been using to learn famous riffs/easy songs and will be getting guitar lessons weekly soon.

What I'm really wondering is how I'm progressing at the moment, what I should do (websites like http://www.guitarnoise.com/easy/ would be great!), and generally how long it will take before I'm "band-worthy" - I have a couple of mates who are wanting to start a band but they're all above my skill level at present.

Thank you in advance for any answers!

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Dude, that's all up to you. If you really want to be in that band, you'll practice more, and better. Causing you to become better much faster than if you do it at lazy pace. Practice more and don't look at the future, just the benefits they will bring: You being better at guitar. Stop looking at this forum and go practice, right now bud. Hope I helped. I feel like I did.