I'm looking for something that will give me at least two simultaneous inputs with decent sound quality. I don't need MIDI or firewire support. Low latency is a must, so USB 2.0 is my preference. I don't necessarily need bundled software, but extras are always nice. My budget's $120, but I buy everything used.

I was looking at the Lexicon Alpha, but that's got pretty bad reviews. The entry-level Tascams, have mixed (and conflicting) reviews. M-Audio Fast Tracks seems to be a division unit... Half the people who review it swear their lives to it, and the other half would gladly see it burn in hell. So far, I'm liking the Tapco Link USB, but very few people have reviewed it.

What does UG think?

Why would you name your thread "yet another audio interface thread," implying that you're aware that there are tons of these on here, then proceed to ask the same questions answered by the other threads you mentioned that you already knew about?

To answer - again - the question

The MAudio fast track is not bad as long as you don't get the bottom of the line one. I recommend it.
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Because a searchbar with the term "audio interface" didn't bring up any good information that was relevant to what I needed. Line 6 PODS are nice and all, but not what I need.

Thanks for the info though. What's the lowest level model Fast Track I could get that wouldn't be garbage?

i'd just look for a used mbox 1 if i were you. i've seen quite a few on craigslist go for $75-150.
Edirol makes a good few cheap interfaces, but really the choice of stereo-in interfaces is HUGE. Just research everything within your budget. At that price you shouldn't need to go used...
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Check for one that has an stereo input and get a "splitter" that turns the one stereo input into two mono inputs.