I was wondering if this was a good idea. I'm new to pedals, but I was planning on buying alot of the Cool Cat pedals, pretty much all of them since they are cheap, and come in packages. I was wondering if buying all of them would make a good pedal board and if they would sound good through a Voxad50 and a MIM telecaster.
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Well, are you going to be gigging? They may not hold up if so. Look into you other options as well. Pedals really arent everything. You dont need 3 distortions, two delays, a reverb, and etc.
They're pretty solid units with a good sound if you know what your doing, dialing in certain tones, ect.

No idea what the sounds out of a AD-50 would be though.
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The Cool Cat pedals are a great series for the price. Metal casing, true bypass etc. You could certainly do a lot worse. As for them holding up they should be fine, they are metal casing.
Sure, I have yet to try a Dano Cool Cat I didn't like. I run the Drive myself.
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i LOVE DE pedals. especially the series just above the FAB (the ones with all the food names) and cool cats are even better (some are clones of really high end pedals that almost sound spot on). as stated, as long as ur not gigging and u take it easy on em, they are DIRT cheap to mess around with to see what effects u like and should spend more money on.
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I do plan on gigging with these pedals one day, I want a good pedal of every kind to make a awesome pedal board, each pedals being around 30 to 50 bucks. I do not mind buying used.
I love radiohead, the mars volta, at the drive in, muse, Interpol, death cab, and placebo, so anything that will get me those types of tones would be great. Are their any other pedals that could fit me needs that you guys can recommend. Many thanks in advance
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Ibanez Ar300 (currently not working)
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Cool Cat pedals are pretty much the best you can buy in their price range. I have a fuzz and transparent OD (v1) myself.