well just recently switched into ap music theory, guitar ensemble, and beginners piano.
i know how to read treble cleff pretty well but i need to improve. and i dont really know how to read bass clef. and i have always wanted to play piano too so thats a plus.

but what else will learning piano help me with?
anything else theory wise or something?
or am i just learning piano and bass clef?
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Hey I just got into theory this year and my teacher uses the piano a lot. It really helps with visually representing intervals and ear training.
When i'm playing piano i more easily see the notes in a chord and scale and their place.
Guitar is chaotic it's 2D, i find it hard to follow what exactly you are doing,
But that's because i don't know my fretboard instantly.
On the piano the notes just lie there naturally and easy ordered.
Learning any new instrument can provide new ways of approaching and thinking about music.
It will definately help you understand how things work better.
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You can visualize intervals on the piano.

I play both and it's easier to imagine intervals on guitar for me.
But anyways, it will definately help you visualize your theory better, it opens new doors for recording possibilities, seeing as piano/keyboard is the most diverse instrument around, and it forces your left and right brain to work together.
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Piano is base of all theory. You can find all the chords much easier on piano. When learning you can't really go looking for an A diminished on the guitar. The notes are all cleverly placed to make it easy to play. On the piano it is straight up and great for demonstrating concepts like cadences, chord/scale/chromatic tones, etc.
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