Has anyone taken their chances at pawn shops? My brother sold a few things to a pawn shop and came home to tell me they have guitars and amps laying all over. I'm wondering if anyone has tried their luck at one and had success
my buddy has a beautiful acoustic he got from there for 100 bucks.
you can find amazing deals there.
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Looks like I found something for my time off tomorrow, hoping to pick up a MiM strat
good luck on the strat if they have it, but it is kind of a chance gold mine. a friend of mine bought case of with boss pedals in it, he didn't care but he got it for 200 and it came with 5 pedals.

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I bought an amazing 90's Fender MiM tele the other day for $150 in good condition at one so I'd say yeah. But of course, you want to test it right there and not buy it and try it at home
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I haven't looked in any pawn shops but they could be good. I bought a nice ES-335 copy from a yard sale for $80 so the opportunities are out there.
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I've got one I go to all the time - they only deal in musical instruments, and they'll take anything on trade. Of course they'll have their own markup but the prices are still below the open market. I've snagged some cool stuff from there.
Yes I got my epiphone elitist there for 250$
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Pawn shops can be GREAT places to score deals! Not worth a crap to sell to mind you! But when people are in a bind and needing quick cash thats where they go. I love going to pawn shops, just never know what you will find. Seem to be getting harder these days to find the deals cause all the info on the net is used by the store owners more now.

I have bought many things before from pawn shops. Trick is to know what you are looking at and not make any impulse buys. And NEVER pay the asking price! You gotta haggle and walk away if need be. You'll also get better deals on stuff that has been sitting for a longer time.
most pawn shops have the nice guitars behind the counter or elsewhere, so don't be afraid to ask.

I live in Atlanta, GA and you can't go a block without a finding a Pawn Shop and there is a lot of garbage out there.

fake US necks on trash and B.S. Logos - there is also a market down here to sell a 'fake' guitars to a Pawn Shop for profit.

also, make a friend there and they won't forget to call you when something you might like comes in.

be patient and careful and good luck.
I've heard good stories, and i've come across awesome deals that I wish I had the cash for them at the time.

One story I heard was back in 1989, this guy bought a 1959 Les Paul (Original) For $400, sold it to the next owner (his friend) for $800. The guy who bought it for $800 still has it and uses it.

Just kinda depends on where you go and stuff. There is a pawn shop site that finds pawn shops near you with items you want (Mind you it doesn't list all pawn shops). I searched their today out of boredom and there's a pawnshop in San Diego I think selling a real nice Gibson Flying V for around $500. So just go out and look and if you don't find anything good, then move on and look elsewhere.

Garage sales are also pretty good. Some people sell good guitars for real real cheap because they just found them in their basement.