Hey everyone -
Today I received my guitar from Drum City Guitar Land and I am thoroughly pleased! First a quick note - I found the Blackjack for $200 less on on their website than anywhere else PLUS they sent me a Schecter T-shirt, picks of my choosing, more picks from their store, several stickers and a guitar strap - for free! They certainly treat their customers well. Anyway, I absolutely love the sound I get out of my Blackstar HT-5...as my first guitar with actives, I am blown away with the awesomeness of these blackouts! They seriously rock! I seriously recommend this guitar to anyone with a tube amp.

Well here's what you've been waiting for (I presume)...the pics!!

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Siiick.. I love that guitar.... What gauge strings are those?
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Damn! I'm so jealous!

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nice photography skills!
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can you still get these from there? I'd been looking at that, and just came back to it and saw that it said sold out 9-16. does that mean they're no longer selling them, or that a new shipment will arrive?
@biga29 - They're 10-46's, so far I'm ok with them

@chrisg7 - Thanks! I guess it's something I should be ok at since I'm a graphic designer

@kryaxysa - Well...funny you should say that...I ordered it on the 16th. haha...so may have gotten the last one!

Seriously though I don't think that'll be the last of em...they probably will get another shipment in soon.
and DCGL offers free set-up and w/e string gauge u want when u order, which is great if you're getting a floydrose. sexi guitar! looks amazing!!


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Those are only 10-46's??? For some reason that low E looks huge in the pics...
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That is an amazing binding! HNGD
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Wow thats a nice guitar. HNGD man!
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that colour, in the avenger shape, would be AWESOME>

but anyways that guitar is very, VERY nice. I've played the white one and it's on of the best guitars I've ever played honestly.
Nice man! HNGD
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Are those SD Blackouts?

EDIT: Nvm. They are.
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HNGD I would have gone with floyd but your axe not mine its teh sex though love the binding
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wasn't it me and biga that helped you decide towards the ATX? we're normally the ones that would. anyways, HNGD, that thing looks amazing. and biga's right, the 6th string looks thicker than a 46 for some reason. well, it might just be the pic or that it's 7 a.m. right now where i am...
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Those are only 10-46's??? For some reason that low E looks huge in the pics...

haha, yea that's what they should be anyway. I asked them to stick them on there. They do feel large to me, but that may be because I'm used to fender strings and I recently changed my strats guage to 9's.

And yea, I was thinking about the hellraiser but a few of you guys pointed my attention toward the blackjack and it certainly caught my attention!
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that colour, in the avenger shape, would be AWESOME>

Here you go...
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HNGD! Nice axe. Great pics
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I played one of those. Didn't like it too much. Mainly the finish. I like a crisp, clean finish.

But whatever floats your boat! HNGD!