Hey guys, I'm in grade 12, have been playing guitar for about 5 years, with random breaks in between. I'm strongly considering going into music when I graduate whether it's composition, performing, or studio, however all these require I know theory. I'm just going to start from scratch and drop the few chords I know. What would my best bet be in order to learn theory in roughly a year ? Books ? Sites ? Tips ? Anything, thanks a lot guys.

PS, I cannot read music, nor do I understand it, only tab, but I'm going to set my heart on learning as much theory as possible until I must register/audition. Thanks again.
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read music.
then get a book that has not just infomation but worksheets too. I Suggest Capuzzo's Theory for the contemporary guitarist
buy it:http://www.amazon.com/Theory-Contemporary-Guitarist-Guy-Capuzzo/dp/0739013068

learn about how to make chords and their role. Also learn about chord progressions.
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5 years?!

You can learn a LOT of theory in a very short period of time, atleast I have managed to.

Start with the crusade articles here on UG, look under columns for "crusade" and start from the beginning. You dont need to spend any money, everything you need is at your finger tips on the internet.

Start off learning your major scale, and go from there.

Personally I started with the major, learned how the intervals all work and then I applied chord construction to that and have gone from there; ive been playing only since june~ (seriously) and I can pretty much name any note in any chord you can throw at me now. All you need to do is to practice.

For me right now im really looking at how chords resolve to each other, I just came up with a really cool progression dicking around with theory at work - I had no idea how it would sound, but I knew "theoretically" it should sound good, and it does.

Learn some theory, you really wont be disappointed, I love it, and I dont get how so many people can go so long playing guitar without it.

Good luck

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