Ok i dont know who to ask this question to and its getting on my nerves already. I am working on a song that uses the C Minor, G minor and then F Minor chords, after a while i want to do a little improv on guitar. Now ive gotten some ideas for it using the C Minor Scale and it sounds pretty decent, Now my question is:

Am I limited to only using scales in the key of C? such as Minor, Blues, Phrygian etc. or can I use other scales such as an F Minor scale?

Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance
you are never ever limited to anything in music

plus i dont no why you wrote Phrygian in there.

but out of key notes can add some dissonance and create a form of tension and release which is brilliant in music composition
I meant to throw it out there as an example cuz im still not at a solid idea i was just wondering though but thanks for the advice hope it helps
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