I'm having a hard time with pull offs in succession with I'm moving to a different string. Say
with pull offs. I think it's my index finger mostly. It's sort of anchored down when all my other fingers move down to the next string. It feels very strange to pull off when my index is on another string so they end up sounding like crap and aren't performed well.
When do you guys move your index finger? Are you pulling one off while your index is switching strings?

And one more question. When you are palm muting the bottom string and accenting strings above it for a melodic line, do you play all down strokes, or alternate/economy pick? (here's an example with the E string palm muted each time)


It's Deathmask Divine by The Black Dahlia Murder if you want to listen to it. I learned it as all down strokes because that was most comfortable, but thought about it at the speed they play and figured it would be ridiculous to play that all down strokes.
cover the whole fret with your index finger, like a barre cord. then you dont have to move it.
Hoping i don't get perma-banned

I move my index finger as soon as I go to the other string. It sounds better since the notes are all individual. No two notes are played at the same time.

You can play that song with all downstrokes. It's not that bad. You could also do the open strings as downstrokes and everything else as upstrokes if you want them to be more accented. I like to keep the attack consistent.