This Cat has it! Cat Stevens that is, and he keeps his composure while performing live during his 1976 Earth tour. The tune is Tuesday's Dead. Pay close attention to 2:42.
I was sooooo close to going to this concert but I didn't quite have the funds at the time.
Anyhow, to all you up and coming musicians, this is a prime example of WHAT TO DO during a live performance when something goes wrong. You play right through it. Enjoy!

First sarcastic comment:
When you said something went wrong, I immediately thought. "Oh my God. He accidentally bought an Ovation."

Second sarcastic comment:
"OMG, u can't play with a brken string!!!! It will warp ur neck TOTALY!"

Real comment:
God damn, he really enjoys smiling. I was always on the fence about Cat Stevens, but I certainly do admire his stage presence and how much he throws himself into his music.
Heres the master of "What to do" in that situation
at 0:44
at 2:06
and once again at 3:08
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That sounded like fun.
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I got one better.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan!
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Rest In Peace Stevie Ray
Oh yea, Stevie does it right. Cat's vid is cool simply because he doesn't even come close to flinching when the string snaps. Almost as though nothing happened. Cool Cat. haha