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by: Cous Cous=>

and I'm on the fritz again.
We've paced this hill one-hundred times.
I've called you lass and you've
called me Maximus.
I don't recall where that name came from,
but I do remember the bar;
and your hair.
It had a life of its own,
as we stamped feet to beats
we couldn't ever recognize.

and we're still here on this hill.
Time waving its hands
right in front of our faces.
It's too dark out here for us to notice.
We came together wounded.
We came together undignified
and I swept you onto my bed;
like a broom carrying a dust bunny
under the rug for privacy.

I remember your legs dangling,
right over the side of my bed.
Cute. It really was.
I even sighed in appreciation.

Everything about you is fuzzy otherwise.
It's too dark out here,
I can't recall what your face looks like.
I can't recall your name.
It all blends together.
You do have nice hair though.
I'll always remember you for that.

by: ZanasCross

He sits on the granite stair, and sparks matches,
With a devious awareness of the brittle scrub,
And the carrying ease of the wind.
With a brief, yet tender cultivation,
Cupped against the gust,
He is Prometheus,
In ripped jeans.

The failed attempts discarded at his side.

Each scratch reminds,
With a faint smile,
Of the fabled bar trick:
10p and a matchbook,
An impossible proposal,
And the victorious solution.
The heads fuse in the flare,
Bent together like the elderly figures on the warning signs.

Rapturous applause from the leafy tree hands,
Stirred by the breeze.
To you,
Those trees are audience-methadone,

They suffice for now.